Without detracting from the rest of the nominees, there was no other performer more deserving of the Oscar 2023 A Best Lead Actor What Brendan Fraser. Whoever once triumphed with George of the Jungle, now does so at the most important cinematic award ceremony with La ballena (The whale)the film that helped him regain visibility and hit the table.

As usual, the interpreters prepare their speeches so that, if they win, they are prepared and able to dedicate a few words to the film crew for which they worked, and above all, to send a message to the world. Brendan Fraser it brings us all to tears to remember how difficult it is to make a movie like The Whale.at the same time that he thanks the Academy for promoting the cinema he makes A24, the best producer that exists in these. moments.

Brendan Fraser’s words after winning the 2023 Best Leading Actor Oscar

  • This is how the multiverse feelshe joked Brendan Fraser as soon as he took the stage, in reference to the devastation of all at once everywherewhich won 7 Oscars.
  • Thanks to the Academy for this honor, and thanks to our studio A24 for making films like these. (also refers to All at once everywhere). Also for Darren Aronofsky and to the whole team: they put their heart the size of a whale so that we can see what is inside our souls. It is a real honor for me to be nominated in this category“.
  • I started in this field over 30 years ago and it wasn’t easy but I had something I didn’t appreciate until I stopped having it. Thank you for this recognition because I would not have had this without the rest of the team“.
  • Finally, he dedicated the Oscar he had just won to his partner, Jeanne Moore, their children and their agent.
Brendan Fraser gives the best performance of his career in The Whale

Brendan Fraser, at all times, kept tears in his eyes. It was obvious he was about to burst into tears, but he knew how to defend himself as best he could. And yes, he was the one who deserved to win in the category of Best Lead Actorbecause what he did in La ballena (The whale) it’s rough.

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