This new Spanish thriller has impressed many with its intense and mysterious trailer.

Disney Plus is committed to products with designation of origin to offer us a new and ambitious Spanish series. You Would Too, is directed by the talented David Victori and Jordi Vallejo, who directed Sky Rojo and El Inocente respectively. With this television fiction, they again seek to devastate, this time with a very intriguing thriller based on a moral dilemma. But When would you be on Disney Plus too?

When will you too be coming to Disney Plus?

  • You Would Too opens Wednesday, April 26 on Disney Plus.
  • Its mysterious and intense trailer raised a lot of expectation among its viewers.
  • The series will be available from 9:00 usual in platform titles.
  • Apparently the plot revolves around society’s reaction to a complicated moral dilemma.

Trailer, synopsis and cast of You Would Too

Synopsis of You Would Too

The story of You Would Too begins when it takes place armed robbery on a bus which connects the airport to different cities of Barcelona. To the surprise of the criminals, one of the passengers stands against him, killing them all. When the police talk to the witnesses, they are unable to identify their bloody savior, whom they want to capture for killing the criminals. Agents Fran Garza and Rebeca Quirós They suspect that the witnesses are not telling the truth..

This intense series hides many layers of mysteries.

Despite the fact that all the survivors claim that they could not see his face, the two investigators believe that they are lying. The main hypothesis is that they realized a pact of silence to protect his savior. When the case goes viral, public opinion supports the fugitive vigilante with the hashtag #TúAlsoLoArías.

The cast of You Would Too

  • Ana Polvorosa – Rebecca Quiros.
  • Paul Miller – Fran Garza.
  • Michelle Jenner – Elisa Pena.
  • Paco All – Manuel Navas.
  • Ana Wagener – Victoria Jordan.

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