The world of mods is crazy, but it is true that it is also easy to find many mods that do not apply many changes to games beyond purely aesthetic. In fact, most are exactly like that, but when we meet a mod that really changes a game to give you a whole new opportunity to play it, this feeling is great. And this mod that I bring to you from Persona 5 Royal It’s so good it’s even hard to believe.

You already know that in the saga Character almost never had the option of choosing between a male or female protagonist, except in Persona 3 Portable. In the rest (except in Persona 2: Eternal Pursuit), you play male protagonists. Many would like to be able to choose a female protagonist to be able to replay these games with another perspective, and that’s what they did with Persona 5 Royal.

The great Persona 5 Royal mod that turns Joker into a woman

Been Alexa Faron In Twitter (keep the name) who shared the main information of the mod, who is now available:

  • This mod actually makes us play with a female joker
  • But what is interesting is that they dubbed all lines of Joker dialogue with female voices
  • Alexa Faron is the one who lent his voice in English, while in Japanese he was Maya Sakamoto, known for anime like The Vision of Escaflowne, Fate/Apocrypha, Re:Zero, etc
  • In addition to that, they adjusted other dialogues of the game so that it continues to have meaning, in addition to model from 0 all game skins for joker this same Joker can now only wear girl or unisex armor, but not men
  • As if that weren’t enough, even have reworked UI layouts to show the Joker girl

It is important to mention that is only available If you plan to play it on PC. But it’s a found mod completely free and you can download it via this link. If you have any problem downloading, leave it in the comments! It will undoubtedly be a good opportunity to play this title again.

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