Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to have consequences at the sporting level. There are many sports companies that have ended their ties with the country. Roman Abramovich ended up paying the piper for Vladimir Putin, and was practically forced to sell Chelsea.

Haas also announced their break with Russia and even removed all the flags they had for their most important sponsor. Now, it is the WWE that decided to take action and announced the break with the Soviet country.

The most important fighting company in the United States announced the break with the Russian brand ‘Match’ , but also canceled all broadcasts in that country of any event of the same.

” WWE announces that it breaks relations with Match and officially closes WWE Network in Russia with immediate effect” can be read in the WWE statement ”

The decision to end the business relationship with Match is a huge loss for the Russian company. you won’t have access to any of the promotion’s weekly lineups, including Raw, Smackdown, NXT shows, and WWE’s on-demand library.

The Russians who have gone through WWE

Russia is one of the countries that gives WWE the most audience, in addition to the fact that in history there are many fighters who have defended the colors of their flag. The last one was Rusev, who even entered with a tank at WrestleMania 31 in the middle of his rivalry against John Cena.

The most representative case was that of Ivan Koloff, known as ‘The Russian Bear’, who achieved the company’s world heavyweight championship when it was known as WWF.

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