Wolfenstein Writers Reportedly Working On More Than One Indiana Jones Game

Wolfenstein Writers Reportedly Working On More Than One Indiana Jones Game

Even if Xbox is growing more and more thanks to its fantastic Games Pass there is still a factor in which it does not take off, and Phil Spencer has already acknowledged that this is something they need to improve on. Of course, I’m referring to release of more exclusive video gamessince their plans announced years ago continue to be mere sketches that don’t seem to be moving forward. Where’s that Indiana Jones game?

Xbox users were very pleasantly surprised to see that the good old Indy would return to video games with a new adventure developed by MachineGamesTHE developers of the latest Wolfenstein. The presentation of this title took place in January 2021 via a CGI teaser in which almost nothing was shown beyond a few references to the films. But What if I told you that this study works on several things at once?

MachineGames Could Tighten Indiana Jones License

  • We know that MachineGames has been developing an Indiana Jones video game for several years, it’s official
  • For this reason, the medium Tech4Gamers was very surprised to discover what is indicated in the Linkedin profile of one of the company’s concept artists
  • According to Gia Nguyen, has spent the past three years collaborating with MachineGames on various Indiana Jones projects
  • Is this a mistake or did he slip this information? In any case, we must treat this information as a rumor

A dream come true

That Bethesda is creating an Indiana Jones video game is something more special than many of you might think. The company had been trying to secure the rights to the intellectual property for more than a decade to create your own adventure based on the fantastic character created by Lucasfilms.

At the moment, it’s not even known if it will be a first-person title (like Wolfenstein) or if MachineGames will make the jump to third-person. It’s not even official that it will be an Xbox exclusive, so it looks like it’s still it’s gonna be a long game.

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