MIAMI.- A group of exiles played in an incident with the Cuban ambassador to Washington, Lianys Torres Rivera, in a restaurant in the city of Tampa, Florida, where they blamed their hosts for receiving the representative of the Havana government.

The Cuban Resistance Assembly issued a statement this Sunday, accompanied by a video, in which it reports the reproaches against Lianys Torres Rivera, who met with people, who according to the media were local politicians, in a restaurant in this city. in Florida.

The group of exiles was made up of a delegation from the Cuban Resistance Assembly in Tampa led by Roberto Pizano (a former politician who turned 19 in Cuba) and his son, Raphael Pizano, a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces .

“Could you explain to me why we have so many political prisoners?” members of the Cuban Resistance Assembly can be heard saying in the video.

“She’s the one representing the murderous government of Cuba and they come here to eat. How do you allow the murderous representative to be here? The laws of this country don’t allow her to come here,” Roberto Pizano said. during the incident. .

During the event, several men try to take Torres Rivera away from the exiles.

“Ambassador, say something to the camera, please. Face it, our families are hurting,” one of the Cubans shouted.

The exiles, after a few minutes of great tension, left the restaurant, a moment Raphael Pizano took advantage of to underline: “Here is the Cuban ambassador, who eats deliciously here.”

“They didn’t give us a face, but we lifted our faces for our exile and our political prisoners. While the Cuban people are hungry, she eats a delicious cutlet in a French restaurant,” he says.

The press release recalls that after the expulsion of two Cuban diplomats in 2019 for having participated “in actions detrimental to the security of the United States”, diplomats from both countries saw their movements restricted.

Currently, US diplomats must seek permission from Havana to travel within the country and, according to the Cuban Resistance Assembly, they are persecuted and “watched” by State Security.

Since July 11, 2021, when the Cuban population led an uprising supported by exiles, “the Castro dictatorship has threatened the Cuban community – through national television and the press – to sue them, in absentia, if it cooperates or shows solidarity with Cuban civil society,” the statement said.

The Cuban Resistance Assembly also called on “the Cuban community to hold protests if Ambassador Castro visits their cities.”

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