The last time that William Levy walked on the set of the anthill, Pablo Motos and the Antena 3 team had to modify the broadcast schedule of the program to reinforce security in the face of the avalanche of fans who wanted to come and see the actor. This Monday, the protagonist of feminine scented coffee He returned to Spain and left many speechless.

The perfect excuse to return to Spain was the promotion and presentation of the Movistar+ series, Monte Cristo, which opens this Friday. The Cuban, who puts himself in the shoes of the main character adapted to today, assured in the program that it was a role that always attracted him: “I think that we all, at some point in life, wanted to exact revenge or justice for something”.

In addition to talking a little about his new acting project and his new facet as a producer of the same fiction, William Levy could not help acclaiming our country and guaranteeing that in the more or less near future “There are great possibilities” that he will settle in Spain.

Another of the problems they gave her throughout the night was filming the sex scenes. Considering this, William Levy revealed some intimacies, like the fact that the actor shows his ass in one of the nude scenes Monte Cristo.

“It’s mine. The truth is that doing the scenes is one thing, but seeing your ass with two thousand people at the premiere is not the same“, laughs the actor.

Following this, Pablo Motos became interested in knowing how these scenes are actually recorded and what is the role of the intimacy coach: “It was something that, in fact, It became more difficult for me to speak with her, with the coachthan with the actress”.

William Levy’s request to his fans

William Lévy in El Hormiguero. / Atresmedia

In this way, as the actor explained, as well we “know how far we are going to go and therefore there can be no misunderstandings”. “There is a person who checks everything so that nothing happens that should not happen,” he added in agreement.

Along with the hottest scenes from his work, William Levy also made a special request to his fans regarding the gifts they are giving him. “I always tell the fans to give me what they want, but don’t send me food because I don’t know where it comes from and I have to be very careful in case it carries something that could hurt me,” he explained.

Likewise, he made a relevant reflection on notoriety and its followers: “Popularity must know how to carry it, manage it. I always think about the pain you can cause someone who looks up to you if you say no. I always try to say yes to everyone.”

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