The Puerto Rican artist received two nominations for his first film role

bad bunny He is one of the greatest international artists of the moment. After winning several latin grammys and participate in the WWE by practicing wrestling, the Puerto Rican entered the film industry. After making an appearance in the ninth installment of the saga fast furiousthe singer decided to take a step forward in the acting world and accept a bigger role in High-speed traina performance with which he obtained his first nomination in this art. Why was Bad Bunny nominated for Best Actor at the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards? Keep reading the article.

Bad Bunny gets two nominations at the 2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards

the latin artist Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasiobetter known as bad bunnywas nominated in two categories of the MTV Film and Television Awards. The reggaeton singer decided to expand his field of work and take part in the film High-speed train. This foray into Hollywood bore fruit and was named “Best Newcomer” there “Best Fight”. In the latter category, he shares a nomination with brad pittprotagonist of the film and his co-star in the scene that earned him this recognition.

Although the category of “best fight” to be anecdotal, His nomination for “Best New Actor” is controversial. In the tape, he plays ‘The Wolf’, a character who tries to kill Ladybug (brad pitt). This role fits a skilled assassin and leader of a criminal gang that deals in drugs. In the film, he seeks revenge after his girlfriend and all of her guests are poisoned. During the scene, argues with Ladybug (Brad Pitt) which is quite entertaining and earned him one of his nominations. The controversy arises when the character of ‘El Lobo’ is defeated and dies in the confrontation. A conflict that arises at the start of the feature film, so practically does not appear in 90% of the film. A time that many followers considered insufficient to be nominated in the “revelation performance” category.

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