Last year, Ukraine won the last edition of Eurovision in Turin with the song Stephaniefrom the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra. However, this time it will not be the winning country that will be in charge of organizing the festival and welcoming all the spectators and participants. In this way, Kyiv will not host Eurovision 2023. Instead, the famous competition will be held in the British city of Liverpool. Do you want to know why Eurovision 2023 is held in Liverpool when you won Ukraine in 2022? Keep reading the article.

The Ukrainian War and the Eurovision Decision

The current war situation in Ukraine prevents the country from organizing an event of this magnitude. Ukraine has been in a conflict in which it has been fighting against the invasion of Russia for more than a year. The consequences of this war are present throughout the country, including kyiv, the capital. In this way, It is impossible to celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukrainewhereas last year it was the will of the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky:

“Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe! Next year, Ukraine will host Eurovision for the third time in its history. And I think it will not be the last. ‘one day participants and guests of the festival will be held in Ukrainian Mariupol’

Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the Eurovision organization decided to award the honor to the finalist of last year’s festival: the United Kingdom. The British managed to be finalists with the song Space Man, by English singer Sam Ryder. Therefore, the UK will host the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and the two semi-finals which will decide the full list of entrants. It is the sixth time that the winning country does not organize the next festival. This year’s edition was organized jointly with the BBC and its CEO, Tim Daviewas responsible for giving the reasons why Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023:

Liverpool is an exciting, warm and vibrant city. It is the undisputed capital of pop music and celebrates the 65th anniversary of its twinning with the Ukrainian city of Odessa. I know the people of Liverpool will welcome Europe and the rest of the world with open arms and together we will create something truly special.”

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