I tell you everything you need to know about Maixabel, one of the best Spanish films of 2021

Luis Tosar is one of the best Spanish actorsone of those performers that every director wants in his film and is about to release Fate in theatres. Talking about his filmography goes on for hours and hours, but in recent years there is one specific film that has shone with its own light: Maixabel. Now that Maixabel is out on Netflix and successful (this is the third most watched film on Netflix Spain this week), It’s a good time to remember why this is one of the great works of Spanish cinema.

Maixabel lands on Netflix and I give you 3 reasons to see this film that swept 2021

Maixabel’s story

The story of Maixabel It is based on real events. Maixabel Lasa lost her husband in the year 2000, Juan Maria Jauregui, assassinated by ETA. Eleven years later, she receives an unprecedented request: one of the murderers asks to meet her at the prison of Nanclares, a prison in which he is serving time after completely disassociating himself from the terrorist group. Despite the doubts and the pain that still lingers in her, Maixabel She agrees to come face to face with the people who coldly put an end to the life of the man in her life.

Much has been said about the reconciliation required by the historic conflict between Spain and the Basque Country, and Maixabel seems precisely made to reconcile. Although I will talk later about the respect with which this subject is treated, the work of everyone at Maixabel is brutal: from the script to the casting, including the direction and the locations. I’m talking about a film that will make you think about life, death and the internal and external struggles of human beings.

The cast of Maixabel

I could highlight every cast member of Maixabelbut by highlighting, I highlight a Luis Tosar Already Blanca Portillo. Him, for having embodied one of the most complicated characters of his career. To a man consumed by pain and guilt, but also by regret. And to her, for having given life to a woman destroyed by terrorism, but strong and courageous. Now well, in the scenes that take place inside the prison, a passionate interpretation duel is experienced from which it seems impossible to escape: emotion on the surface with each look and each silence of these two greats of interpretation.

Luis Tosar is huge in Maixabel, the new Spanish film that arrives on Netflix 2 years after its theatrical release

Respect for Maixabel

Iciar BollainDirector of Maixabel, was very brave to bring a story as hard and true as this to the screen. It is difficult to transfer something that happened with the respect with which the filmmaker, screenwriter with isaac campo. Thanks to Very well written dialogues and a well dosed drama, Maixabel moves without exaggeration, which was the only fault that the film could have. Far better to be simple and fail than to look for the easy tear in the viewer. And here, Maixabel is also about balance.

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You can watch Maixabel on Netflix via this link. It is also available on Movistar+ for subscribers to a cinema package.

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