Marvel has just released the new trailer for The Marvels, its latest production that will bring together heroines from various franchises. Like the Avengers, but on a smaller scale. Obviously, one of the protagonists of this tape will be Captain Marvel, who will be accompanied by other lesser known heroines in the MCU: Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel. Who are all these characters? We explain it to you so that you are ready for the premiere of The Marvels.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is already well known. She has been labeled as one of the MCU’s most powerful heroines. He got his powers from an incident with one of the Infinity Stones and among them he has superhuman strength and stamina, great physical durability, and the ability to fly. Additionally, Captain Marvel can also absorb various types of energy and hurl it at her enemies, an ability more like her companions.

Monique Rambeau

Monica Rambeau made her appearance in Scarlet Witch and Vision and gained powers by being exposed to chaos energy released by Wanda Maximoff. At the moment we only know that he can fire energy bolts. In the comics, he is also able to manipulate various types of energy and use them in several different ways, to fly, create energy fields, and even turn himself invisible. Certainly in The Marvels we will see more of these abilities.

Monique Rambeau

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, is a Pakistani-American teenager. Ancient bracelets inherited from his family have awakened his latent powers, which allow him to solidify cosmic energy to create giant fists and all manner of shapes. In the comics, Kamala has similar powers to Mr. Fantastic, but in the MCU she looks more like DC’s Green Lantern. The reason for this change may be to give him more similar abilities to his teammates.

the marvels ms.  wonder

The Marvels hits theaters in Spain on November 10, 2023right after Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 arrives on May 5, 2023. That’ll be when we finally get to see Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeu, and Ms. Marvel together, and see what the true reach of their powers is.

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