We tell you which level is the most worth paying among the three available for PlayStation Plus

All PS Plus games for the month of April are now available, of the three levels that exist. But of course, there are surely many players who are not subscribed and who are thinking about the level at which they should subscribe. So I bring you this post to get you out of all doubts and say Which of them is the most valid?

Which PS Plus tier is worth the most this month?

First, let’s review all announced games (and are already available) on each level of service.

PlayStation Plus essential games

The games are: where it stands out Sackboy: A Big Adventure:

List of additional PS Plus games

As you know, the titles that join the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog are all PS4 or PS5 games, but none from PS3, PS2, PS1 or PSP. If you want to enjoy the titles of the classic consoles, you must upgrade to the Premium level, which I leave below. But now what’s up: The list of games that will join PS Plus Extra in April:

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits (PS5|PS4)
  • Eternal destiny (PS5|PS4)
  • Republic of Horsemen (PS5|PS4)
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (PS5|PS4)
  • kill the arrow (PS4)
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (PS5|PS4)
  • The Evil Within (PS4)
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4)
  • Bassmaster Fishing (PS5|PS4)
  • paradise killer (PS5|PS4)
  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5|PS4)

List of PS Plus Premium Games

Now it’s the turn of the classics, the titles coming to PlayStation Plus Premium, which are those of PS3, PS2, PS1 or PSP. It should be noted that if you subscribe to this level, you will also be able to take advantage of all those included in the Extra level. As for the classics, come the following:

  • Loss (PS4)
  • Conviction II (PS4)
  • Conviction 64 (PS4)
  • Doom 3 (PS4)
  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition (PS4)

So what level to pay?

Well I will recommend you now one of these three subscription levels and I’ll explain why:

  • My recommendation is that PS Plus Extra is the most interesting option
  • This month’s Essential games are good, but Additional titles stand out much more since they added a huge handful of great games like Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Doom Eternal or The Evil Within, among many others
  • However, Premium can be a good option because of the free trials, since they added various classic doom games and a real game as it is Dishonored: Definitive Edition

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Anyway, if you’re not very into testing or retro gaming, then my recommendation is PS More extra. Hope this helped you! If you have any questions, leave them to me in the comments.

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