When your energy has no limits and after having shaken the whole WiZink Center at the LOS40 Primavera Pop, the most normal thing is that when you leave the room and some fans stop you to take a picture, you don’t greet you not with a simple ‘hello’, but if you are David Bisbal, one of the most charismatic Spanish artists on the scene, chances are that you are doing it in honor of your personality and that you say hello like this:

How are the machines doing? The first of all…“, a sentence which in a few hours has become the history of Twitter and to which, in addition, is added a:” How are you? Come on, let’s take a picture”. Special mention to the ‘machine’ which takes the hint and responds with a “good, good, good”.

The artist from Almeria It didn’t take long to go viral on the networks social networks and becoming the protagonist of all the media for its particular and friendly welcome. And it is that, if we thought we had already seen everything in his years of yesteryear with his legendary kick, he has once again marked a moment. The same that other singers like Aitana shared, applauding her contagious joy and which even reached the plateau of Resistance.

What’s Behind David Bisbal’s Viral Moment

But from LOS40 we want to bring you closer to this iconic moment that the Spring Festival left us and we are going to tell you what is behind this greeting:

This epic situation was experienced in one of the access sites inside the enclosure, being the very one through which the artists leave. Until then, their technical team accessed with the vans and then left the scene. It is a place that communicates with the entire WiZink Center in Madrid and from there you can reach any corner: stage, dressing rooms, stands…

Also, this viral greeting took place after David Bisbal’s performance on stage and after leaving his skin with his commemoration of his 20 years of career, well, we already see him there with his pink costume that he wore. Also, before speaking exclusively with LOS40 and revealing a novelty of I feel alive. Finally, it’s a very safe place and accessible only to authorized persons such as the technical team of the artists and the people of the organization.

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