WhatsApp optimizes communities by betting on the most Slack version: how does it work?

WhatsApp optimizes communities by betting on the most Slack version: how does it work?

WhatsApp is one of those apps that you can’t live without.. Thanks to it, we can chat with our loved ones immediately, exchange files, create a group with ourselves and a host of services that have made our lives easier. That is why it is always constantly updated and now one of the great novelties that it presents concerns the communities or, in other words, the group discussions.

Remember that WhatsApp integrated the communities a few months ago so that everyone can make the most of the application. But what was it really about? This novelty meant the management of different groups within the same panel. A function similar to what others apps like Slack and Discord They were already integrating and allowing us to connect as needed.

However, while there were still many users familiarizing themselves with this new update, WhatsApp released more news. In this case, and according to Archetype Spain They have to do with WhatsApp communities, which makes managing administrators and the navigation panel much easier and more intuitive for all users.

The function that allows you to know which groups are in common thanks to WhatsApp Communities. / Archetype

Control in administrators

As people joined these communities, WhatsApp would give admins more control over keeping their group private. That’s why they promoted a very simple tool that allows know who are the people who will join the group Or that, at least, they ask.

The process is simple. An admin sends a user the invite link or simply grants the user access to the group. But it can sometimes lead us to include someone by mistake, so this new update on WhatsApp communities gives more control to administrators so that they are not permissive with the people who access and thus, maintain the confidentiality of the conversations between users. .

Quickly consult the groups in common

The arrival of the communities made the groups bigger and bigger. For this reason, sometimes its management can cost us the strange moment of tension. To make it no longer a problem, WhatsApp has let you know through the name of one of your contacts what kind of bands do you have in common and even the name, which you may have forgotten.

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