Little by little, we are saying more about this new platform and I leave you here with its main keys

Given the state of things on Twitch lately and, above all, the evolution of the platform in recent months, it was logical that sooner or later some kind of competitor would end up emerging in response to the policies that the first one started recently and they haven’t finished convincing everyone. Also; this is precisely where Kick comes in, the new live streaming platform of the that really big streamers start talking.

A few months ago I told you that the origins of Kick they smelled a little weird by the people who were in charge at the time of raising the platform from its foundations, but in this article I want to leave you with all the information you need in case of loss.

What is the kick? The platform explained in 3 keys

  • Cut it’s a new platform streaming who wants to stand up to Twitch
  • One of its measures is to offer a 95-5 profit split. Or: 95% for the streamer and 5% for the platform; much higher value to the content creator than what Twitch offers
  • Besides, streamers get 100% of the donations they receive

Why could he be Twitch’s next rival?

Besides what I mentioned earlier regarding the revenue that streamers will receive on Kick, new rumors about the possible incorporation into the platform are starting to emerge. from one of the biggest content creators on the planet, which is none other than MrBeast. The latter would have a huge media impact and would be a point in favor of Kick, since the entire Youtuber community would come to the platform to watch their live broadcasts. Then I leave you with Ibai’s opinion on the question he collected ZanxoClips In case you want to take a look:

However, as Ibai mentions, there are also reasons beware of Kick’s triumph on Twith: neither Youtube nor other platforms like Mixer could cope with the purple platform, so we will have to wait for things to evolve to see what happens.

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