Aitana threw the house out the window for her music time! Well, he kind of filled it with people who want to have a good time. And it is that Alpha House has become the event that launches its new stage. The same that begins with the launch of Angels that same Thursday.

Aitana surprised her followers a few days ago with an announcement on her social media. “Ready to find out what’s inside the alpha house?” it read. Next to the post was a date, March 29, 2023, and a time, 11 p.m. In addition to the fact that the ad was aimed at adults. Another clue that Aitana’s followers had is that this was a physical event (not a digital one). And it is that there was a message where we could read “until full capacity”.

In the same post were the rules for Alpha House, which is described as “a safe space for everyone”.

“Alpha House was born as a union of a generation, it respects the rest of the participants. The security of the room will be at the complete disposal of all”, specifies the reminder. Finally, the message ends with two sentences in English: “Dancing is a required” and “Remember to be wild” (Remember to be wild).

In the live broadcast in which the singer performed, she explained where the idea of ​​celebrating this event came from: “It’s a tribute to the next generation, the alpha, which is what’s happening to us. It’s the future.”

“The goal of Alpha House is to break down the barrier between the artist and the people who consume their music,” he concluded, saying.

But what is Alpha House?

“It’s a party, literally, that’s going to start at eleven o’clock. With a drink,” Aitana said in an Instagram Live.

Alpha House is a party that Aitana has prepared for this new musical era. In fact, this event takes place in one of Madrid’s trendy nightclubs, LuLa Club, in the heart of Madrid’s Gran Vía.

Come on, Alpha House is the name of a party. Something like Bresh, Yasss, Locobongo or Cha Chá could be. And it is that Aitana wants to do something very big. Will it just be the first part of several releases?

“There’s going to be a very interesting line up, so you can get into what’s going to be Alpha,” confirmed the singer.

Where will Alpha House take place?

“These are parties that I want to do all over the world, but first I want to see how you experience it”, The singer confirmed. Also, among his projects are Mexico and Argentina, where he would like to take Alpha House, as he announced on his Instagram live.

How is the ticket purchased?

Tickets (totally free) could be purchased through Aitana’s official channels on Monday, March 27. As expected, they exploded in no time. In fact, the web came to drop in the number of people entering it at that exact moment.

For all those people who found themselves without a ticket, Aitana has confirmed that there will be a possibility to buy a pass: be among the first in line this Wednesday March 29th. And there are still a few places reserved for him.

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