Far Cry 5 gets ‘obvious improvements’ on Xbox Series X |  S, says Digital Foundry

Far Cry 5 gets ‘obvious improvements’ on Xbox Series X | S, says Digital Foundry

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Earlier this month, Ubisoft released a free patch for away 5 which bumped it to “native 60FPS” on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5, and as Digital Foundry pointed out, the results are excellent.

The outlet took an in-depth look at the new patch this week, and it’s almost all good news. On Xbox Series X the game runs at 4K, 60FPS with only a few minor glitches/bugs, while the Xbox Series S version is essentially the same, albeit running at a lower 1080p resolution.

Far Cry 5 was previously playable at 60fps on Xbox Series consoles via FPS Boost. However, the S and X consoles ran at 1440×1080 resolution. The Series X now runs at full 4K, while the Series S gets a welcome upgrade to full 1920×1080 with no performance penalty.

“The Xbox Series S is just as solid at 1080p60 as the X at 4K60, a really nice upgrade.”

As mentioned in the quote above, Far Cry 5 received some improvements via Xbox’s FPS Boost feature a few years ago, but the new patch is a definite improvement across the board for Microsoft’s current-gen consoles. .

Ultimately, this is great news if you own an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, and don’t forget that Far Cry 5 is currently included as part of Xbox Game Pass! If you’d rather buy it, it’s discounted in this week’s Xbox sales.

“Although Far Cry 5’s ninth-gen update is limited in scope, the improvements are obvious and give the game a much-appreciated smoothness boost. It’s a great time to explore one of the worlds the most realistic openings in video games. ”

How are you finding the new Far Cry 5 patch on Xbox Series X|S so far? Tell us in the comments below.

(source eurogamer.net)

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