The primary location will work as the IP address to detect if there is a profile away from your home

From now on, you will no longer be able to use Netflix with your friends or acquaintances as you used to. The streaming platform started to charge 5.99 euros per additional accountthat’s to say, for each profile that is outside of the primary location (which belongs to whoever pays the subscription). Enforcement officials describe this change as a modification”in the form of sharing“. On the table? The ban on out-of-home account sharing.

Yes OK It’s unclear what will happen when Netflix discovers that a subscription is still being used in multiple locations without paying the corresponding surcharge., it is said that the streaming platform will notify you of the rule violation and may even block access until you pay the required amount. This is how the app itself warns: “Access to devices from certain locations using your account may be blocked“.

Remember: don’t share an account in multiple places without paying

Steps to set your primary location on Netflix

Once you know that it is mandatory to set your primary location to NetflixI will teach you how to do it in case of doubt:

  1. if it appears to you a message on netflix like the one I explained to you in this other post, click on the button ‘Continue‘. This is the opinion of the platform streaming for you to set your primary location.
  2. You have two options: set primary location on the fly via email oh ‘configure later’ and netflix automatically detects the connection. This last alternative gives errors: my last locations are Sevilla and Toledo (when I connected from Granada and Madrid respectively).
  3. Let’s say you choose The first possibility: You will receive an email with instructions. Follow them and select where your primary residence is located.
netflix share account
What happens if I don’t follow Netflix’s new policy?

Can I go on a trip with Netflix from now on?

netflix ensures that traveling using the platform of streaming still allowed, either going on vacation or watching series and films in a second home. It will be as simple as grant access via a temporary code oh change primary location each time a location change occurs.

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