This Thursday, the competitors of survivors they celebrated the unification. Finally, they will all live in the same place, this time the new Pelican Beach. The only thing that didn’t happen was Arelys Ramos who became the expelled of the week.

The others had to nominate. boat there Rachel they could not receive any votes to be leaders. Manuel Cortes is reunited with Ashraf in this unification, he has already given him his vote.

“I think coexistence is going to be more or less the same. Behind the scenes, I was wrong with the same thing. When people don’t recognize things, it seems to me that they are not fair. We did not reach a point of agreement. It will be one more competitor for me. i will respect you I won’t play their game and I hope that coexistence will change fate“, he explained.

Adara gave his vote to Yaiza “Because there are things I don’t like, but mostly because we’ve all been hungry for another month and a half.” Before moving on to the next one, Jorge Javier Vazquez he took on a resemblance to Adara with Audrey Hepburn In Holidays in Rome. Continuing with the nominations, Asraf also gave his vote to Yaiza, “I don’t like the way he does it. He speaks to me in a derogatory, hurtful way and it seems a bit cutting to me.

Alma did not change and also designated the last to arrive. “It’s true that I like her, but you have to bear in mind that we have already been leaving for two months and that she arrived later and I don’t want to be tempted to name Asraf without living with her again. him.”

Yaiza gave his vote to Asraf and Diego gave it to Adara, “who is the one with whom I was getting along badly and with Asraf I have been cordial these days.” He also gave his vote to Adara Ginés because “I didn’t like what Adara de Yaiza said without knowing her”.

“My vote was not for Diego today, but for two other people, but they were leaders. So Diego: it is a strong rival and we are in unification”, he argued jonathan.

Voting result

In this way Yaiza became the most voted for the group and, therefore, in the first nominee of the night. There was a tie between Adara and Asraf and the leaders decided that the second candidate from the group would be Adara.

“It sounds like a joke. I was expecting unification and I said “maybe I can get rid of it, but really, Here we always pringe the same. It seems so unfair to me that there are people who aren’t even nominated and don’t know what the public thinks of them. That’s it, I had to let off steam,” Adara jumped.

The leaders had the privilege of nominating each other a candidate. Bosco opted for Asraf and Raquel for Ginés.

Thus, the four nominees of the week are: Adara and Asraf and Ginés and Yaiza. A sentimental couple and a couple of friends. One of them will be broken next weekand everything indicates that it will be that of the newlyweds.

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