Start the week and The promise It broadcasts new episodes, loaded with news for Don Camilo. If you don’t want to miss your favorite series on TVE’s La 1, at LOS40 we’ve got a sneak peek at everything that’s on the way from April 17-21.

Synopsis of the chapter of Monday April 17

Cruz believes that the appearance of the captain of La Mata has a double intention. The bad news about Salvador’s state of health worries María Fernández. Jana finds the opportunity to see Manuel. Gregorio makes the decision to abandon the search for the famous brooch and leaves everything in the hands of the Civil Guard.

Synopsis of the chapter of Tuesday April 18

Part of the cast of ‘The Promise’. / RTVE / Bamboo Productions

Jana, María Fernández, Pía and Teresa talk about the latest events that happened in La Promesa. In this context, Pía tells Jana who the father of the baby she is expecting is, which helps Jana open up and confess her biggest secret. Jana also tells them of her suspicions that Curro might be Marcos’ brother. Manuel and Jimena have an emotional conversation, which ends in the best of ways.

Synopsis of the chapter of Wednesday April 19

Catalina continues to do her job to investigate Father Camilo’s past. Gregorio, entrusted by the Marquise, follows Jana’s lead to see if she is making a mistake or if he is forcing her to do so under the pretext of firing her. Curro has a mishap while playing with his father and Jana discovers that there is more of an abusive relationship behind it. Alonso insists that the Civil Guard find the missing brooch, but Catalina surprises him by telling him that she has already found it.

Synopsis of the chapter of Thursday, April 20

Lorenzo continues in La Promera, but Cruz does everything to make him leave. Catalina confesses to her father everything she has discovered about Don Camilo’s past. And the truth comes out. At that moment Alonso calls Sergeant Funes and he decides to interrogate the priest to find out who is behind, but he won’t make it so easy for him.

Synopsis of the chapter of Friday, April 21

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Part of the cast of ‘The Promise’. / RTVE / Bamboo Productions

Camilo threatens Alonso and Conrado and gags them, but Catalina finds out and does everything possible to save them. Martina puts Gregorio in a difficult situation by asking Mauro for help with a little errand. Jana tells María that she saved the famous maps from Manuel’s plane because he still has the idea of ​​wanting to repair it. Lorenzo sends a proposal to his son Curro, but he has a surprise.

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