Obsession sweeps netflix thanks to a story told a thousand times over: a man becomes obsessed with his current affairs and the two begin a relationship in the shadows without thinking of the consequences. However, its cast manages to hook us like never before, with a Richard Armitage exceptional playing an unscrupulous character whose only intention is to satisfy his sexual appetite.

is precisely Richard Armitage one of the few actors in the series to star in an explicit frontal nude: the interpreter of 51 years appears as he came into the world and everyone wonders if his private parts are those or if the British actor used a prosthesis created by the technical team so as not to show the world its best kept secret.

Richard Armitage confirms that he does not use any prosthetics in Obsession

netflix It is strongly committed to series and films with erotic content, being one of the streaming platforms that works the most with this content. Obsession is a mini-series of only 4 chapters in which Richard Armitage he appears naked in front of the camera after a sensual scene in the shower. And this is what the interpreter confided to the magazine Hello! on the possible prosthesis he used:

  • “When a project like Obsession comes to you, there are a lot of people trying to advise you and saying, ‘It’s going to be difficult, it’s going to be very revealing, and there’s going to be a lot of intimacy.‘”.
  • But I thought: ‘okay, I’ll face it as a European, as the French understand cinema, with their vision of the human body, relationships and intimacy‘. They are very relaxed“.
  • My point of view is like: “it’s the human body”. You just have to be a little ‘let go, let go’. If you’re not comfortable with that, then that’s your problem. so don’t bother“.
Richard Armitage did not use any prosthetics

In this way, Richard Armitage Confirms His Explicit Frontal Nude Isn’t Made Up By Any Prosthetics, as if they had done many actors before him. And why did you agree? Partly because in the Netflix series you work with an intimate scenes coordinator like the ones the actor recorded in Obsession) that manages to create a safe and comfortable environment.

Obsession is available in its entirety on Netflix, to be able to see this mini-series in less than 3 hours. If you like dramas with erotic content, you have to give it a try. Read the review I wrote for Areajugones!

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