Warzone 2’s Most Broken Weapon After Season 2 Update Reload

Warzone 2’s Most Broken Weapon After Season 2 Update Reload

The new Season 2 Reloaded of war zone 2 he became one of those upgrades that was able to give him another twist what the battle royale had accustomed us to throughout this same season. Yes, it’s true that I understand the complaints that are being heard around the fact that something less content has happened than those that came out before for other Call of Duty, but I am also one of those who think that less gives a stone.

Also; On this special occasion, I want to talk to you of a weapon that returned to the Warzone 2 meta after the aforementioned update. So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if Raven Software ends up releasing a small patch to nerf it in the future. Why am I saying this and what specific weapon am I referring to? I leave you with all the information below.

DMR returns to the Warzone 2 meta

  • AngryAnglia shared a clip on Reddit about one of the features of this weapon that makes me wonder if it’s not too broken
  • The thing is, the DMR recoil is so low after the first two rounds.who in the video seems to have some kind of hack
  • Also, if we complete the weapon with the widest magazines, we have a tool that will greatly increase our aim in games
  • I leave you with the clip below so you can watch it with your own eyes

If I were you I would already take a course with the DMR to test it. What the heck, I just made it now to try it out while I was writing this and it goes like a shot. Too bad that surely Warzone 2 maintainers end up patching the weapon to take him back to the elephant graveyard in the meta.

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