The new season 3 of war zone 2 brought to the game a series of changes that are not unnecessary, but one of my favorites concerns the inclusion of one of the weapons with which I have enjoyed the franchise the most Call of Duty. Talk of the mythical Intervention; although it is true that he goes by another name in the battle royale. Also; It’s from pearls for bringing up a battle royale sniper, since this type of weapons will be the protagonists of this article.

Are you sick of hitting a shot with a blunt in war zone 2 and feel a certain pleasure not to have shot your rival in one shot? Craving that deliciously broken meta where these types of weapons were truly lethal? If you do, I have some very good news for you, as Activision has once again improved snipers; although under a series of particular conditions. I leave you with all the details below.

How to kill with one shot with a sniper in Warzone 2

  • Something essential for snipers killing an opponent with one blow is always equipping him with explosive ammo 1⃣
  • Now okay; You will only kill an enemy in one shot if you hit them in the head 2⃣
  • If you don’t have the perk equipped or hit another body part, forget to finish it all at once

It’s good that snipers are so broken, but it’s even better that you have to be pretty good at getting the most out of them in battle royale… Whether or you run into someone with hacks , which is something this tends to happen more than would be desirable in Warzone 2. Anyway, I’m off now to pretend I’m doing quick scans with my dearest Intervention when in truth, the only thing I’ll be doing is making a fool of myself.

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