Every year, LOS40 welcomes spring with Primavera Pop, a mega concert that presents more than twenty artists with a wide variety of proposals and from all musical genres.

we are in 2023, LOS40 Primavera Pop He left us with incredible images to remember. The intimate performance of Atheist in charge of Nathy PelusoSuccess nocturnal of vico for the first time at the WiZink Center, the adrenaline of marlon on stage, see Abraham Mateo and Chanel first set Clavaito, Ana Mena unleash the madness with their new songs live or Lola Indigo spreading his dragon wings. What we experienced was spectacular, but there were those who will never forget this experience: they were the winners of the VIP passes that Banco Santander has drawn among its customers.

It was the first time at the festival for many attendees who won VIP tickets to LOS40 Primavera Pop thanks to Santander. But everyone was looking forward to having a good time and enjoying everything that was going to happen on stage. “We can’t wait to see our favorite artists and have a great time,” tell us two girls whose favorite artists were Emily and Lola Indigo.

These two friends were also looking forward to the performance of the Puerto Rican artist YANDEL, one of the classic totems of reggaeton and which they had never seen live. In addition, of course, to the show of Lola, who presented her live show for the first time The Dragon. The expectation was maximum.

beyond the music

But beyond the music, winning the Santander VIP experience gave them the opportunity to experience the concert in a unique and exclusive way: in addition to the exclusive Primavera Pop totebag, the bracelet gave priority access and once to the Inside, Winners could grab a drink and snack, stop by the photocall and watch the show from the VIP stand, which was also packed with celebrities, industry people and other guests. With this type of action, Santander maintains its commitment to the culture and music of our country.

“We are delighted by the experience”, tell us two friends of their visit to LOS40 Primavera Pop. “We hope to have a great time tonight, sing it all and give it our all,” they say. “Vicco and Chanel are the artists we most want to see”, they tell us.

How did the bracelet go? “We did not expect it at all, it was an incredible experience”, explain these winners who intended to see Vicco and Nathy Peluso.

An experience to repeat

Would they repeat next year? “Without a doubt!”. This is clear to all winners of this experience. LOS40 Primavera Pop is one of the most special events of LOS40, the one that prepares us for the good weather, the one that gives way to the festival season and allows us to see many artists in just a few hours. If they are already counting the days of the next edition… so are we!

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