Season 2 of “Vinland Saga” is one that I personally adore. Because yes, the first season had a lot more action, but there was also a Thorfinn who is surely one of the most insufferable characters that I have come across in recent times. This second season, however, with an older Thorfinn, having met Einar and confronting his ghosts of the past as well as the life of the slave, what is certain is that it remains a magnificent narrative. director Shuhei Yabuta has a thorn in Snake.

Snake is the character the Vinland Saga director would have liked to explore more

That’s what the director recently revealed (via AnimeHunch) on what is his clearest remorse regarding season 2 of the anime “Vinland Saga”, to the point that he even apologized to the fans:

  • Shuhei Yabuta reveals that, Initially, they planned to create a series of little stories through which to investigate a little more about the characters’ pasts.. This is likely referring to that episode “.5” that was made at the time about Thorfinn, in which he was shown dealing with the atrocities of his past “self”.
  • Snake He was a character for whom there were also plans to create an episode of this nature. Unfortunately, Yabuta-san revealed that eventually it won’t be possible..
Snake, a character that Vinland Saga anime had prepared more material for
  • Yabuta-san apologizes to all the fans for not being able to explore Snake’s past further, and that’s it. Makoto Yukimura himself, author of Vinland Saga, had provided him with material to illustrate what would become the background of the character. However, Yabuta-san says that in the end he had no choice but to put those plans aside to focus on the main story.
  • Yukimura-sensei himself also publicly apologized for It is because of his person that some of the information that was supposed to be included in the anime was also leaked. The mangaka assures that he did not know how things were going in terms of the production of the anime and regrets everything that happened.

Yukimura-sensei ends up mentioning that It can’t be ruled out that Snake’s past will eventually be released one way or another, in some sort of format, although nothing can be guaranteed at this time.. It seems that the plans for the second season of “Vinland Saga” were more ambitious than what we ended up receiving, which isn’t exactly little. However, it shows the reality of what an anime production is, so we have to be thankful for the things we receive many times.

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