Approximately 100 youths, including 10-year-olds, robbed and looted a Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia and police outnumbered by the assailants made no arrests

Children as young as 10 were among the crowd of about 100 young rioters who looted a Wawa convenience store in Philadelphia over the weekend, city police said.

Police released new surveillance footage Tuesday in hopes of identifying the youths wanted for the looting.

The large crowd of children stormed the Philadelphia store at 7001 Roosevelt Blvd. around 8:15 p.m. Saturday and began looting the business, police said in a statement that included new footage of the melee.

They threw food and drinks at each other, knocked over shelves and destroyed and stole merchandise from the store, according to police and video footage.

A young woman jumped on top of a counter and twerked while other young people filmed the chaos on her phones, a video recorded by a store employee shows.

The crowd fled the store and lawlessness continued in the parking lot where several youths jumped on parked vehicles, police said.

Officers responded and broke up the chaos, but were outnumbered and made no arrests at the time.

“We have to be cautious because if we just had officers running around and just grabbing kids, we would have a completely different conversation today,” Philadelphia Police First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford said, according to CBS News. “And then that’s the unlucky piece,”

A video of the aftermath shows the store completely trashed. The floor was littered with items pulled from shelves, spilled drinks, and trash.

The boys attacked Wawa after coming from a roller skating center next door, where they allegedly broke tables and started fighting, the outlet reported.

Police are now working to identify suspects to make arrests on serious charges that include “riot, criminal mischief, vandalism, robbery and rioting as felonies,” Philadelphia police Capt. John Ryan said, according to CBS.

No injuries were reported as a result of the mob, police said.

“Simply put, we cannot allow this type of behavior to happen again, the business community does not deserve it. The citizens of this city do not deserve it,” Stanford said.

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