Victoria Federica is making headlines again. The visit of the king’s niece to the Seville Fair, an event that does not usually fail, is much talked about, even if this time the media attention has not focused on her outfits or her night outings . And it is that, as assured the journalist Gema López in Save methe daughter of Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, reportedly starred in a nasty episode of El Real de Sevilla when she accidentally knocked down a 22-year-old girl who was also enjoying the festivities with her horse.

According to the show’s collaborator, the horse on which he rode Victoria Federica would have stepped on this young woman on the morning of Monday 24 and the horseman, realizing what had happened, would have turned around to check the state of the victim but, seeing that nothing serious had happened, he would have continued on his way and left the scene without dismounting or saying a word with the woman who was trampled.

However, according to the journalist on the set of Save me Last Monday afternoon, the young woman Victoria Federica would have crushed a need for medical assistance. “She was transferred to a hospital in Seville and the result was a sprain and she has to walk on crutches,” said Gema López live.

In addition, the employee of Save me He assured that many witnesses to the incident told him of the young victim’s discomfort with what had happened and assured him that she had obtained Victoria Federica’s number to send her the injury report. accompanied by several photographs in order to proceed with the necessary procedures. . However, according to López’s version, late Monday afternoon, the king’s niece issued a response.

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