Veterinarian who rescues abandoned Baby Cats and gives them a second Life

Veterinarian who rescues abandoned Baby Cats and gives them a second Life

Thalía Tetecatl is 23 years old, she is about to graduate as a veterinarian, but she already has many years of experience rescuing orphaned or abandoned baby cats.

Thalia Tetecatl takes responsibility that would not correspond to her but she does it for the love of life and animals. This Young vet has been rescuing orphaned baby kittens for several years, either by the death of their mother or more commonly, because they are abandoned in the street.

“It was on January 4 of this new year that I left my house after several weeks of not doing so due to the pandemic, I took a path where I never usually travel. I heard constant desperate meows in the distance, there were three abandoned baby cats, their small size and umbilical cord evidenced that they would only be about two days old.”

“They were in a dirty little cardboard box on the street, about two meters away was another a dead baby, it was seen that it had come out of the box and perhaps died of cold.”

“I took the box not knowing exactly what to do, but I was not going to leave them there alone and it was a matter of time before one of the hundreds of stray dogs arrived, also abandoned from the streets and ate them. Someone discarded them like garbage, in order for them to die.”

When I found the kittens they were in a dirty box, the three clinging to life, meters ahead their little brother had probably died of cold Photo: (Nallely Sánchez / Infobae)

“When I found the kittens they were in a dirty box, the three clinging to life, meters ahead their little brother had probably died of cold.”

“I took them to four vets from the surrounding colonies, none of them wanted them, or they even told me what I should do, I asked if there was something like nipples and that was when they sold me one, one more told me that they required special milk but none of them sold it.”

“After placing them in the sun they were quiet for a while, it was a frosty morning and I was surprised that they stayed together, thanks to that they kept enough heat to be well. It was very early when I found them and they were cold so I guess they were thrown away in the early morning or at night.”

“Through social networks I started to post help to get a mother cat substitute for them to adopt them temporarily, since they did not want to eat from the bottle I had bought for them.”

“I have two cats, a mother and a daughter and both are spayed. Naively I thought that since the big one had been an excellent mother with her only litter, maybe she would take care of the babies at times, but not, she sniffed them and rejected them immediately.”

“I thought it would be difficult if she found another mother cat who was nursing and it would be even more difficult for her to accept them as her own, but then one of the posts paid off, Facebook Animals CDMX channeled me to her, it was when I met Thalía Tetecatl.”

Photo: (Twitter)

“I took them close to her home and from that day on with no buts or conditions she took over immediately. She sent me photos of the children’s evolution, she gave them a second chance at life.”

Thalía Tetecatl is 23 years old, lives in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico, is a graduate of the Universidad del Valle de México and is about to graduate as a veterinarian, but already has many years of experience.

The young woman had kittens when she was a child, a cat that was pregnant came to her house when she was five years old. Subsequently and for three years she rescued her current calico-type cat.

Photo: (Twitter)

In this same period she began to specialize in neonates, she searched the internet about the care of baby cats but at that time there was not much information in the country, so the idea of ​​creating this information from a medical perspective came to her since she was studying veterinary medicine.

Subsequently, she created the Twitter account Michis School (@esc_michis) and the canal from youtube where she posts tips for caring for newborns, how they should be fed, washed, the right food according to their stage of development and the beautiful stories and evolution of the kittens she rescues.

While most are photos and videos of her antics, there are also other cases like Pixie who has a skin disease, which is already being treated or one of the most painful like Lynx’s. A baby who arrived in very poor health, possibly poisoned, however despite the serum and all the care, her body was already very mistreated and she died.

He affectionately calls them "bakers" Photo: (@ThalizTH)

She affectionately calls them “bakers”.

On the internet, users usually recognize her great work, however there are haters who sometimes criticize her without knowing that behind each little cat rescued, there are thousands of hours of care sacrificing her time, money that she gives from her purse, or the multiple sleeplessness when they are newborns and they have to eat every three hours, even when they are getting ill, and she takes them to emergency vets, even if it is three in the morning.

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