The two minors aged 15 and 16 whose entry into the country was cut short by a document have been released and are with their loved ones, the long-awaited embrace has finally arrived after nine years.

Alejandra González, aunt and godmother of the minors, says that “the document they brought because they were minors, accompanied by my mother-in-law, was not enough for the immigration officer because it was a travel authorization, but he did not say that she was his legal guardian”.

The young women who were sent from Venezuela on humanitarian parole finally received good news. “I had access to a social worker who was in charge of the file, who asked me for various documents”, reveals the aunt of the minors.

In addition to these documents, from Venezuela, the girls’ mother also had to send a power of attorney made by a lawyer and authenticated by a notary. Everyone says the error came from misinterpreted information on the United States Immigration Service page.

“He specifically says they weren’t going to accept a notarized document but a government-issued document, so that’s what we have,” the aunt and godmother remark, but the document wasn’t valid and all how difficult it was for him to enter. , this prevented his expulsion.

“And it had an impact on them, that even one of them was crying”, but it finally ended on Friday, and after spending a week in a juvenile detention center, the young women were been released.

The aunt of the two minors says she feels “super happy and the girls are also super happy”.

Alejandra, the teens’ aunt and godmother, says the worst is over and offers advice for those pursuing humanitarian parole. “I learned that it is important to be well advised.”

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