The presenter’s ex has decided to step forward and claim her case before the media.

The controversial interview that Pepe navarro granted ten days ago in ‘Saturday Deluxe’ continues to bring a queue. In addition to the problems that bind him to Ivonne reyes and the paternity of the Venezuelan’s son, Alejandro Reyes, there is another woman, the one who for many is the great victim of this whole affair, Vanessa Martin.

Now, after her name came to light again through the mouth of Navarro himself, who does not exactly leave her in a good place, the protagonist has wanted to claim her place through her social networks, and has taken the opportunity to send a message to the same chain that gave voice to the presenter.

Many thanks to the commercial brands that have withdrawn and suspended their ads on ‘Saturday Deluxe’. You are in time to rectify. You cannot silence my voice or twist the truth. Together we’re invincible”, she has written next to a picture of him on his personal Twitter account.

This message got a very great reception by thousands of users who are supporting it from the beginning. 150 comments, almost 500 RT and 1,500 ‘I like you’. they support a Vanessa Martín determined to take action on this mediatic and controversial issue.

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