US relaxes flight restrictions for vaccinated travelers

US relaxes flight restrictions for vaccinated travelers

The US relaxes flight restrictions for vaccinated travelers. (Photo: Cuban newspaper)

The US relaxes travel restrictions for those passengers who prove to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, as the chances of contagion decrease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported last Friday that vaccinated people can travel safely and with “low risk,” which is excellent news for those who have put off their travel plans for months. and also for the aviation sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

The new CDC guidelines specifically give the green light so that older people can move and visit their children and grandchildren whom they have not seen physically for months when a total distancing was directed to avoid contagion.

An important point of the new policy is that people who prove to be vaccinated do not have to present a negative test for Covid-19 and consequently they should not be quarantined either.

But the CDC maintains travel restrictions to nations with high prevalence of the new Covid-19 variants such as China, Brazil, South Africa and most of Europe.

“Vaccines can help bring back the things we love in life, so we encourage all Americans to get vaccinated as soon as they get the chance,” says the CDC statement signed by its CEO Rochelle Walensky.

Since March 22, the main US airlines, such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, had pressured the CDC to update their guide, considering that most of the elderly in the US are already vaccinated.

Across the nation, more than 100 million people have already been inoculated against the deadly virus.

So far, air travel in the US has only 43% of operations compared to pre-pandemic levels. However, airlines like American Airlines foresees that by the month of May all its planes will be flying.

Roger Dow, Executive Director of the Travel Association of America, said that “the new travel guide is an important step in the right direction that is backed by science and will remove the brakes on the industry that has been hit hardest. for the consequences of COVID ”.