The United States will allocate $ 3.2 billion to accelerate the development of antiviral pills against COVID-19, federal health authorities announced Thursday.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on contagious diseases, made the announcement during a White House briefing as part of a new “pandemic antiviral program” that will develop drugs to address symptoms caused by potentially dangerous viruses such as coronavirus.


The pills, which would be used to minimize symptoms after a contagion, are under development and could begin to be distributed by the end of 2021, once the clinical trials are completed.

Fauci indicated that the program will invest in “accelerating things that are in progress in advance” to combat COVID-19, but also works in the innovation of new therapies for other viruses.

“There are few treatments for many of the viruses that have pandemic potential,” Fauci said.

But he added that “vaccines clearly remain the strength of our arsenal.”

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