Splatoon 3 update 3.0 has arrived loaded with new content for all players who want to continue enjoying more and more Territory Battles. This time, there are not only new weapons available, and new maps to fight on… But this time too we received the first part of the expansion passwhich translates into the possibility of rediscovering an entire place that will touch the potato to the most nostalgic.

Nintendo had already promised us that this spring we could return to the classic Cromopolis Square of the first title in the saga. if we got the expansion pass and they complied. This time the Plaza de Cromópolis, although in general it remains the same as we remembered, has adapted to the current times and we have places that did not exist before, for obvious reasons. Do you want to know everything you can do in this new place? I’ll tell you in the next video!

A 3.0 update that adds more than meets the eye

The free updates promised by Nintendo keep coming, and this time we got a brand new map called “Ceviche Ruins”, and another that returns from Splatoon 2, called “Corvette Corvina”. As if that were not enough, we also have 12 new weapons at our disposal, and some of them have two new types of special weapons that have been introduced in this hot season: the “Multi Lures” and the “Imperial Squid”. Enough new content that I explain in detail in the video you have a few lines above.

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