Toby Fox’s masterpiece is even more amazing when you see what’s behind the curtain

Chances are you’ve heard of the famous youtuber Shesez, known for his video series “Limit Break“, in which he explores the limits of video game cameras to uncover hidden secrets and curiosities.

Beyond the Boundaries of the Undertale Chamber

  • Recently, Shesez cast eyes on Undertale, the famous indie game from Toby Fox.
  • Shesez managed to unlock the game camera, which is usually fixed, to show us what lurks beyond the boundaries that the player shouldn’t see.
  • Personally, I find it super interesting, not only to see content that you would never see in a normal game, but also to see some of the the tricks Toby Fox used while developing Undertale.
  • If you want to see it for yourselves, I leave it to you. video complete below:

It’s amazing to see that after so many years, Undertale still has some hidden secrets for fans to uncover. and thanks to youtubers like Shesez, we can explore the limits of the game in a whole new way. If you’re a fan of this type of content, you might be interested in exploring the limits of the game on your own. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a secret no one else has seen before!

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