Five months after the National Defense Authorization Act required the armed forces to establish an investigation office on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), this Tuesday will be held the first public hearing on UFOs in half a century. And there are those who hide information, according to voices from the Pentagon.

The public hearing to be held in Congress, the first by a congressional committee since 1966, will be held before the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation. The law also requires regular classified and public reports to oversight committees about new incidents involving “unidentified aerial phenomena,” including previous information or investigations that are discovered in government repositories or testimony.

While this is going on, the intelligence agencies are fighting internally over how much to cooperate with the demands of investigating and share what they know. This is confirmed by several interviews published in Politico, part of the media giant Axel Springer. Without disclosing their names, the interviewees assure that there are people inside the Pentagon who are “protecting very interesting information” so that it is not disclosed to the public, also inside and outside the Department of Defense.

The controversy over unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), a military label for the UFO phenomenon, would have created a confrontation between those who want the information to be released and those who propose to keep it secret: “there is a whole group of us who know this topic of UAPs in depth and there is much that has not been reported to Congress for security reasons,” says another interviewee.

It will take some kind of “force mechanism,” another Defense Department official said, to get these gatekeepers to reveal even some of their closely guarded secrets to Congress and, in turn, the public.

While this all sounds a lot like an “X-Files” style sci-fi movie, there are intelligence officials who claim that UAPs are “air junk” and it is precisely this that has led to calls for both the Trump and Biden administrations to reveal more about UAPs.

What is true behind all this? The only real thing is that May 24, 2022 will be held in the United States Congress a hearing to obtain more information in this regard. If there is hidden information in agencies like the Pentagon… that’s another story. On the one hand Politico has been part of several controversies in its most recent history, publishing unverified news, creating controversies and looking for conflicts on different occasions. On the other hand, that only the US government or agencies have information to protect from UFOs or UAPs, it does seem worthy of a Hollywood movie, especially considering that the country occupies barely 7% of the planet and that it does not have the only extra-planetary airport on the globe… although the cinema insists on making us believe that.

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