Turles He is one of the most well-known villains of the cinematic era of “Dragon Ball Z“, the main reason being the fact that he had a completely uncanny resemblance to goku…without apparently having a relationship with him. Yes, in theory this can be explained because lower class warriors supposedly share similar physical traits, but, What if one day in “Dragon Ball Super”, we were canonically introduced to the character with all sorts of details?

Toyotaro’s special artwork that… opens the doors to Turles’ return?

It’s clear that looking at the cases of Broly and Gogeta, as well as Cell Max, nothing from the “Dragon Ball Z” era can’t be ruled out. Even more if we take into account that Toyotaro leaves us messages like the following (via DBSCronicles):

Here is Toyotaro’s special illustration for the month of April 2023

And now I’m commenting on what’s really relevant, because more than on Turles’ illustration itself, you have to analyze the message which Toyotaro himself accompanies:

  • Basically, in the illustration in question, we can read the following message from Toyotaro: “How he survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta… Hopefully that’s something we can find out one day“.
  • Indeed, it should be remembered that the feature film in which Turles appears is after the destruction of planet Vegeta, among other things because we are already in Dragon Ball Z with Goku in his adult phase. If Turles is a Saiyan, it stands to reason that he would have died with everyone else.
  • Obviously, at that time, we tried to introduce with Turles the concept of ‘Goku Malo‘ which was later developed with Black in greater depth. Considering this, it seems that the return of Turles is to be ruled out, but one must think that he is a character that has always interested Toyotaro.
  • Without going any further, during the Toyble era, he came to draw a manga called DB Zero in which Turles was introduced as a childhood friend of Raditz, in an attempt to canonize the Saiyan’s origins as a fan.. Obviously, that didn’t carry over to the franchise as such.

One thing seems clear: if it were up to Toyotaro alone, it’s more than likely that Turles would appear sooner or later in “Dragon Ball Super”, it may even be during the battle against Black Frieza as the last ally seeking revenge against the Saiyan bloodline. In any case, given what has been seen with the films of this saga, I certainly wouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

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