Donald Trump is still immersed in court proceedings and this week it was revealed that the former president has testified in two lawsuits: a sexual abuse defamation case brought by writer E Jean Carroll and an investor fraud case.

An anonymous source told Bloomberg that The tycoon’s first statement took place “in early October” after suffering a delay due to Hurricane Ian, as he was originally due to declare in September.

This was in a fraud case brought from October 2018 by four investors, described in court documents as “working class Americans”.

His accusation weighs heavily on The Trump Corporation, including Trump himself and his adult children: Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka, of “defrauding economically marginalized people” by encouraging them to invest in businesses that the Trumps were paid to promote.

Those businesses include ACN Opportunity LLC, a company that sold a “tremendous” videophone touted as the next best thing, which ended up being a flop.

No sum has been set in that lawsuit against the former president and his corporation, however, the plaintiffs point out that The Trumps “made millions” by scamming “victims into giving hundreds or thousands of dollars, losses that many experienced as devastating or They changed their lives.”

Trump defends himself: “no [era su] type”

Trump’s second statement was in a defamation case. In 2019, in a New York Times article, writer E Jean Carroll accused him of sexually assaulting her in a store dressing room in the mid-1990s. He later described the assault, which he refers to as a “fight,” in his 2019 book “What do we need men for?: A modest proposal”.

That same year, Trump denied the allegations and in an interview with The Hill, claimed that Carroll was “totally lying” and “no [era su] type”. Five months later, the writer filed a defamation lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court, noting that after the interview given by the tycoon, she was fired from Elle, where she had an advice column.

On September 27, an appeals court ruled that Trump could be protected from the defamation caseas he was a federal employee at the time Carroll filed the lawsuit.

For her part, Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, revealed that your client intends to file a new sexual assault lawsuit in New York under the state’s Adult Survivors Act, which will allow sexual assault survivors to file lawsuits against their assailants, regardless of how long the assault occurred.

On October 19, Trump declared and described the US legal system as a “broken disgrace.”

His statement didn’t just provide evidence in Carroll’s libel case. It might also come in handy at your next sexual assault lawsuit in new yorkaccording to the judge, since the question of whether “the fight” took place is fundamental to both lawsuits.

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