The trial against Mexican actor Pablo Lyle was again postponed at the request of his lawyer, this time for two months, being scheduled for July.

Lyle is accused of murder, after having beaten Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63, during a dispute in the middle of the traffic.

As reported by the newspaper San Diego Union Tribune, it was through a virtual hearing, through Zoom, that Judge Marlene Fernández-Karavetsos declared that Lyle’s next hearing would be left for July 22.

On that occasion, it will be asked again if both parties are ready for the start of the trial, which is tentatively scheduled for August 2.

“The defense is not ready. We have finished with several statements. We have some pending,” said Lyle’s attorney, Alex Sola. “We are going to ask for a postponement.”

A few moments before, the prosecutor Eileen Keeley had indicated to the judge that they are ready to start the trial, but that they agreed to postpone it “to be fair to the defense,” because she wants to call a witness who is not available.

The trial had initially been scheduled for February, but also at a request from Lyle, the judge agreed to postpone it. This would be the third postponement.

Lyle, who currently resides in his sister’s home in Miami but is not authorized to work in the United States, alleges that he is innocent.

The case of Pablo Lyle

The judicial process began in April 2019, days after the vehicular confrontation at the end of March of that year.

On the day of the events, the actor’s brother-in-law was transferring Lyle, his wife and their two children to the Miami airport, when they had a confrontation with Juan Ricardo Hernández.

Both drivers spoke to each other, and when Hernández approached the driver’s door, trying to pull Lyle’s brother-in-law, he got out of the vehicle to confront him.

Hernández backed away, but Lyle caught up with him and hit him in the face, after which the Cuban fell to the ground.

The incident was recorded on video, and days later Hernández died in a hospital, the result of a stroke caused by the fall, so the charges against the Mexican increased from “assault” to “homicide.”

Lyle tried to claim self-defense, however, the appeal was dismissed by another judge who previously handled the case, and by a higher court, which rejected the actor’s request to dismiss the case and returned it to the Miami court so that go to trial.

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