What did you think of Scream? Did you like Smile ? And Venus, which has just been released in theaters?

The ace horror movies in 2023 They are a good example of the general state of the genre: unlike other years, fear has invaded cinemas and streaming platforms. streaming and gave us quality films, which gave us some shocks and which invite us to reflect a promising future thanks to filmmakers who tried to innovate.

The 16 Best Horror Movies Releasing Through 2023 Are As Varied As They Are Essentialand the genre mixes with others like comedy, drama or pure and simple thriller. Will you join me on this journey through your deepest fears? And if I tell you that Some of these tapes are available on streaming platforms. streaming and can you watch them from home at no extra cost?


A new assassin resurrects the mask of ghost face and only the survivors Sidney Prescottthe old sheriff Dewey Riley and the journalist gale weather they can slow you down when everyone else is suspicious. And to restart like a sequel that amazed me and which gave rise to a sixth part which will be released in early 2023.


Smile It’s been billed as the horror movie that would save the genre, and while it was a massive hit (over $200 million), it’s not as groundbreaking as we’ve been led to believe. . This, yes, I applaud your campaign marketing and I’m left with brutal sequences.

The black phone

Ethan Hawke interpret a one of the most terrifying characters in any horror movie that has come in recent years. Also, I was happy to see how Scott Derrickson rediscovered its origins after crossing strange doctorbecause this genre is the one in which he feels most at ease.


A24 is one of the most interesting independent producers in the United States, the very one who gave us Hereditary there mid summer only a few years ago. NOW, you west demonstrated with X what can be created And slasher different and innovativemoving away from all the clichés of the genre and positioning itself as an essential work in 2022.

return of the witches 2

Some of you will think I’m cheating return of the witches 2, but horror movies for all audiences do exist, and this sequel is a prime example. Can’t say it lives up to the classic, but the second part directed by Anne Fletcher is a good horror comedya must for fans.


It’s really a pity that the seal The fear collection does not run in theaters with Veneciaphrenia there Venus, two of the best Spanish horror films released in recent months. Jaume Balagueró returns to gender after Descentand he does it with a chilling tape, starring prodigiously Ester Exposito.


This is my favorite horror movie of 2022 and I think it can lay the groundwork for the future of the genre with its delicate blend of horror, dark comedy and whodunnit. It is not innovative, just as it is not Smile It is, but there are surprising scenes and the plot builds with each shot.

No !

  • No! is available on VOD.

It was sold as a horror movie, that’s why I included it in this list, but basically it’s And whodunnit sci-fi drama that draws inspiration from classics like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Signs. Jordan Peele moves away from the fear he played with in his two previous projects, and closer to pure and simple fantasy. Indispensable as I already told you in the review of ¡Nope!

crimes of the future

David Cronenberg is a crack of terrora filmmaker who experiments with the genre as we saw with Scanners (nineteen eighty one), The dead zone (1983) or Fly (1986). Con crimes of the futureplunges back into existentialist science fiction, but mixes this genre with pure and hard terror thanks to several images which will remain engraved on your retina.


Paco Square He is a fundamental director for understanding the terror in Spain. For example, his chapter of Stories not to sleep It’s the best of the whole series, and Speedwell one of the best films of its kind. Grandma is a very entertaining moviewhich will be very scary if you have a close relationship with your grandmother.

The hole

At the time, The hole was quite a revolution. Maybe for many The hole It’s not a horror movie to use, but the metaphor it displays makes it a terrifying film that serves to reflect on the social, political and religious levels. It is frightening to think of what society is capable of, as long as it enforces its most sinful pleasures.

Evil spell

Taiwan is one of the countries that makes the best horror films, especially for continuing to bet on films that are more “physical” than psychological. Terrifying Scenes At Maleficio That Earned It The Scariest Movie Of All Time Title. I think this motto is great for you, but Hex is a very entertaining, spooky, spooky, bloody and scary movie.

Alien, the eighth passenger

obviously, the best extraterrestrial movie is always the firstespecially for being the one to prioritize terror in its purest form. Aliens it will be just as good, but it becomes an action adventure rather than a film that plays with shadows and silences to sow fear. Almost 35 years later, Alien, the Eighth Passenger is still considered one of the best sci-fi horror films of all time.

Alien, the 8th passenger is a horror movie in every way


Jaume Balaguero there Paco Squaremasters of terror in Spain, have joined forces to lead this found footage film with Manuela Velasco and located in a building in which an outbreak of an unknown disease has occurred. However, what awaits this intrepid reporter is far more dangerous if possible…

rec disney more
(REC) is one of the best horror films ever made in Spain


Alejandro Amenábar showed in 1996 that he was one of the most interesting directors in Spanish cinema. A masterpiece of terror that revolves around the snuff movies and all the myths and legends circulating about them. Ana Torrent, Fele Martinez there Eduardo Noriega they shine in one of the best Spanish films in history, causing fear in a non-graphic way; what we call psychological terror in its purest form.


Terrifying is not scary, but it is very disgusting. The proposal of Damien Leon is to make the viewer feel uncomfortable with blood the most disgusting you’ve ever seen, via a low-budget movie. And the saga is already a success around the world, which is why its second installment has already been released and many other projects are underway.

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