Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc – Anime Season 3 Announced

Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc – Anime Season 3 Announced

Tokyo avengers“It doesn’t end, and it’s that whoever thought that with the conclusion of season 2 of the anime we were going to have a period of tranquility… well, they were wrong. Indeed, as the title tells you Season 3 of the “Tokyo Revengers” anime has already been officially announced, which will be responsible for adapting what in the manga has become known as the “Tenjiku Arc”. And yes, there are many other things to see and comment on this announcement.

Tokyo Revengers Anime Confirms New Season

We start with something that, although brief, already indicates that the new anime has an advanced production: an official teaser:

But that’s not all visually, as there are also a first promotional image of this new anime of “Tokyo Revengers” which turned out to be very good:

And now yes, I tell you everything that has been confirmed and what you need to take into account regarding the future of the “Tokyo Revengers” anime (via AIR):

  • Responding to the great doubt that you will surely have more than one: no, for the moment THERE IS NO PREMIERE DATE for this new season of Tokyo Revengers anime. In fact, despite the fact that plans seem to be moving at full speed, I would find it strange if the next phase of the anime airs in 2023.
  • Something important to keep in mind: the Tenjiku arc was by far the longest arc in the Tokyo Revengers manga compared to any we’ve seen adapted so far. Previously there were some that covered up to 44 chapters, but in this case we are going up to 64.
  • Considering that the arcs of Valhalla and Black Dragon both with 44 manga chapters have been adapted with 12-13 anime chapters, it seems obvious to me that the Tenjiku arc should have something more than this data. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if in this case we end up with a season of around 20 episodes or something split into 2 different parts.

Honestly, I can understand who might find the “Tokyo Revengers” formula repetitive, but I find it interesting to see what adjustments Takemichi must actively make to avoid finding a future each time worse than the last.. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out this time around, but considering the panorama that was left behind at the end of the second season, it’s clear that A LOT is going to have to happen in this season 3 of the anime.

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