What could have been the best day of their lives turns into a nightmare for them. Lola there Adolfo. A couple who just gave each other the ‘Yes, I want it‘ and who suffered the greatest tragedy: leaving the church, Lola she has an abortion and not only loses her baby; also to the possibility of continuing to generate. The solution is to adopt Tin and Tina, two adorable and angelic little ones… Who could be the fallen angels that this couple would never have wanted to have at home.

The opening sequence of Tin and Tina is brutal: the character of Milena Smith she undergoes an abortion in front of all her relatives, staining her dress pure white with blood. This scene is one of the best character introductions I can remember, five minutes of pure art that presents us with a shocking situation for the protagonists. However, this is only the beginning: Tin y Tina goes further and goes beyond stereotypes to offer us a thriller with terrifying accentswhich moves as easily on the terrain of the black comedy and far from frightening, it stirs up consciences.

The suggestion, transformed into a film

Inner terror usually focuses on the jumpscares of flea markets and in the stories presumably based on real events. In intrigues that follow a pattern known in the genre and that seek to imitate North American cinema, but with few means and even less imagination. However, Ruben Stein hits the mark with his first film, because Tin and Tina is a horror film that does not seek to scare, but rather to suggest and confront. And the real terror is how far two children will go in literally interpreting the Bible. understood as a critique of religious fanaticism, or as a correlation to Islamic radicalism, but using Christianity for this. Tin and Tina will not leave anyone indifferent, it will stir consciences and upset the stomachs of the most conventional viewers with a scenario that addresses universal themes such as family, religion, mother and father figure and fear, loneliness.

A cast that knows how to shine with its own light (and darkness)

Milena Smith has already won us over parallel mothers play a broken mother after the loss of her baby. And he’s done it for the past few years in movies like you won’t kill and in series as the snow maiden. Although their interpretive scope is quite similar (women disturbed by a heartbreaking event), Tin and Tina allows the young actress to shine like never before. Watch out for that last sequence shot where we see a broken mother insideafter having suffered for an hour and a half a series of situations that give shape to this psychological thriller in which the film becomes. Hard to thrill how Milena Smit does it for almost 20 minutes of sequence shot, but she pulls it off. Also throughout the film: a mother who places all her hopes in adoption, but finds herself faced with reality when religious fanaticism takes over their lives.

Tin y Tina gives us a very convincing Jaime Lorente and Milena Smit

Jaime Lorente He also surprises for the better, showing that he is a solvent actor with a wide range of acting skills. On this occasion, I like It brings to life a carefree father who turns a deaf ear to his wife’s constant warnings. If Tin and Tina are religious fanaticism, Lola is the voice of complaint and Adolfo is the agnostic who believes in nothing.

Now it’s the young Carlos Gonzalez Morollon there Anastasia Achikhmina those who steal the show. Surprised I find the talent that these two little ones hide and grateful for the magnificent casting work that the team of Tin and Tina. These two young men are playing two children consumed by religion and who take the Bible at face value. It takes them through a sadistic game with unpredictable consequences. However, the magnetism of their eyes makes us fall under their spellBecause deep down, they are children. This, yes, Are they really child’s play?

tin and tina movie
Milena Smith is one of Tin and Tina’s brightest stars

Tin and Tina will surprise you if you are looking for something more than terror

Eventually, Tin and Tina It’s not a horror film to be used, but a psychological thriller in which we accompany the character of Lola for a roller coaster of emotions in which we will stop knowing what is real and what is the product of your imagination. Rubén Stein’s main objective is to make us feel uncomfortable, and that’s what he achieves from the first minute, with his brutal opening sequence, until the end, with this sequence shot oppressive, dark and precise, both revealing and necessary.. Let yourself be conquered by one of the best debuts of the genre that I can remember in Spain in recent years, and Stop thinking that terror is scary.

Tin and Tina is released on March 31, 2023 in Spanish cinemas.

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