Tiago PZK he seems to have chosen Madrid to rest and recharge before releasing the last three songs of this stage of his life. A few days ago, the Argentine announced he was going to ‘disappear’ for a while to come back refreshed and ready for action in a new phase.

The author of portals You spend a few days in the capital of Spain and, far from tiptoeing around the city’s most emblematic monuments and places, you soak up the culture and the immersive experience that Madrid has to offer. Or, in other words, It has become a real 100% castizo “cat”.

However, the young man did not travel alone. He did it with Belen Negrihis girlfriend and to whom he dedicates one of his last romantic ballads, Fertilized. The two hosted our country’s spring, where they also took the opportunity to shop and walk together in the same leather jacket and Bermuda shorts – so called matching outfits—.

In addition to eating a ham and potato omelette —with onion—, Gotti He rode an electric scooter to travel the main streets and avenues of the center. And that same Monday he asked: ‘what can we do for Madrid’. Have your followers recommended that you drink tap water as Madrid tradition dictates?

This weekend, Tiago PZK will travel to Barcelona to take part in the Kings League finalthe 7-a-side football tournament created by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Pique who has others streamers and former football players as presidents of the twelve participating teams, which is streamed live via Twitch.

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