This was going to be the new Splinter Cell battle royale that Ubisoft ended up canceling

This was going to be the new Splinter Cell battle royale that Ubisoft ended up canceling

Much has been said about Ubisoft in recent months due to the situation in which the company currently finds itself: the French company has been forced to cancel a good handful of projects and redirect others in new directions. And, precisely, the information that I bring to you here concerns one of the latter; specifically, with a supposed Splinter Cell that was going to be a battle royale and ended up being cancelled.

Now okay; Before giving you all the details about it, I must say that the information comes from a supposed tester who posted a post on the 4Chan site (collected and reddit). It is common knowledge that unreliable rumors often appear in the latter, but the details from this source seem quite believable. Anyway the best I can do is leave them below for you to draw your own conclusions. Let’s bother

This was going to be the cancellation of Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Hunters

  • This game was going to be a one character PvPvE battle royale
  • The playable title loop would be very simple: one would dash to one of the in-game maps to investigate the area in which a key mission objective would appear
  • Once we kill the target, you should try to get out of the area alive
  • The Battle Royale component It would be that up to 30 players would compete to win the goal
  • Before the games, we used to choose a special operator, which would have its own abilities and items
  • We would start the game with only a knife, but we could equip ourselves as we go along
  • During the game, we could go kill NPCs and achieve small goals secondary to level up and unlock the most advanced skills of our operator

What do you think of this canceled Splinter Cell? It doesn’t look bad, really, but I prefer a game that offers an experience designed for a player like the titles of a lifetime in the saga.

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