The Arkane Studios game is already on sale and we already know data on its graphics section

I assure you, I’ve already lost count of how many zombie and vampire games I’ve played since the last year. Today Redfall is on sale and if you want to know a little more, I leave you here the analysis that my partner made. I’m still waiting to play it, but I’m sure it’s something I’ll do sooner or later, because I wanna smash vampires and I need to feel the satisfaction of pulling the trigger of the gun a thousand times.

Arkane Studios game can be enjoyed on Xbox Series X | S and PC, of ​​course being available to those with an active Game Pass subscription. Today and of course, in addition to the analysis, it has already been possible to see the graphical comparison between the 3 versions of Redfall, carried out once again by ElAnalistaDeBits through his YouTube channel.

Redfall Chart Comparison

  • The graphical comparison was made between the versions of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.
  • Load times are very fast on both platforms, not exceeding 6 seconds of waiting.
  • The Xbox Series X and S versions, It only has a 30 FPS mode. But calm down, because from the development team they have already made official what They operate in 60 FPS mode.
  • Redfall resolution on Xbox Series S falls short of what Arkane promised and It is in dynamic 1080p.
  • The game suffers from some issues when loading textures in the Microsoft console.
  • The graphical comparison on PC, was created with up to three different graphics cards and both have a quite acceptable performance.

Redfall is your game if…

  • You like feel the sensation of shooting all enemies who crosses your path
  • Do you like open world games? and walk through his scenes like there’s no tomorrow
  • you like to enjoy a new adventure with your friends
  • Do you like having the best weapon in the game? and don’t hesitate for a second to look everywhere until you find the right one

Have you ever had the chance to try Redfall? If not, I invite you to do so, because it can be a lot of fun.

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