NASA uploaded to Twitter a video made from the International Space Station, where the power of Hurricane Ian is clearly appreciated

Florida is preparing for the arrival in the next few hours of Hurricane Ian, which has been increasing in intensity as it progresses and from being a category 1 has hit Cuba to a category 3, with gusts of winds that range between 170 to 200 km /h.

That is why the National Hurricane Center of the United States (NOAA, for its acronym in English) has warned the population of Florida to take precautions . In Cuba, 38,000 people had to be evacuated from the town of Pinar del Río.

A couple of hours ago, NASA posted a short video on its Twitter account showing how Hurricane Ian looks from space, in all its splendor.

The images were captured by the International Space Station (ISS), showing a perspective never seen before of Hurricane Ian, just when it was near the Cayman Islands, when it was heading towards Cuba, already with category 3 power.


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