Yeah, Nintendo has already confirmed that Breath of the Wild is at the end of the saga’s timeline, right after the events that happened in the three timelines that are in the canon. But come on, it’s more fun to theorize about it and try to come up with an answer that makes more sense.

Because yes, we all know that all three canon timelines merged at any one time is literally impossible, and that’s why Today I bring you this video in which I discuss what Zelda Breath of the Wild’s true place in the timeline might be:

What do you think? Most of the details suggest that Breath of the Wild could actually be set at the end of the “Child Link” timeline, but it’s also true that there are some things that don’t quite fit that theory. In both cases, it’s possible that with the arrival of Tears of the Kingdom on May 12, we could expand this theory even further and draw new conclusions.

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