dragonball” has an immense number of followers and followers all over the world. They are all aware that being a fan of this franchise gives endless joys, but also some sorrows. One of those bad news is that We won’t know anything about “Dragon Ball Super” until 2025. And so at least.

However, today what I come to give you is good news in the form of a work of art. And it is that A new manga cover of ‘Dragon Ball’ has been releasedjust like picked up @DbsHype. Here, I leave it complete, but… why is this so? I will tell you below in detail.

Why does the new Dragon Ball cover have this style?

Here’s the answer, which the brand’s closest followers may already know:

  • The reason for this very different style is that the illustration was made by an artist who does not usually work on “Dragon Ball”.
  • Specifically, this art of this volume 26 This is the work of BOICHIartist known for illustrate “Dr. Calculus”.
  • But… What is the designer of “Dr. Stone” working on a cover of “Dragon Ball”?
  • The reason is that the story of Goku and company has already been filled 40 yearsand to celebrate, several well-known artists are redesigning their classic covers.
  • To give you another example, a month ago we saw a cover with the illustration of the designer of “The Promised Neverland”.

And here is the information about This cool and original “Dragon Ball” cover. I just have to ask you… what do you think ? I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments.

It is possible that seeing him entered you want to enjoy “Dr. calculus”. If so, you’re in luck, and that’s it. is about to launch the broadcast of its season 3. Celebrate, Crunchyroll is giving away its first two seasons for free, And that’s not the only thing. The platform now allows see various content totally free.

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