If you are here, I hope you have already tried the new extension of Horizon: West Forbidden “Burning Shores”. And if not, I invite you to do so, because if you liked the main story, this one will surprise you even more, especially for the sequel. I won’t tell you more, I don’t want to spoil you, just tell you once again, that You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t grabbed it yet.

In addition to the development of the game’s story, characters, countless side missions and dangerous machines of all kinds. Guerrilla Games delivery, places us in scenarios created in the smallest detail and with incalculable care. In the Burning Shores expansion we find ourselves in an archipelago that was generated after numerous volcanic eruptions and which, if we look carefully, He has places that are very familiar.

Burning Shores is developed in the city of Los Angeles

  • If you are one of those who pay attention to absolutely all kinds of details, you will have noticed that a lot of its decorations recall the city of Los Angeles.
  • Among the locations, we can clearly recognize those of the Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory and International Airport, among others.
  • After that, the already well-known “The Bit Analyst” developed a video comparing the locations of the game, with those of the reality of Los Angeles.
  • Guerrilla Games has once again reached the create a true work of art.

Hazte with Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

  • This expansion places us in a new game scenario.
  • He is presented as a prelude to Horizon 3.
  • He has one duration of about 10 hours.
  • presents us with a new tribe with new characters, machines, weapons and abilities.
  • He has a price of €19.99.
  • It is exclusive to PlayStation 5.
  • You can get it by the following means PS Store Link.

Just as it is important for a game to have a good story and good gameplay, it is essential that their scenarios invite us to explore them and to observe them down to the smallest detail and without leaving a corner to cover. Guerrilla Games is up to the task again.

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