It’s no surprise that Nathy Peluso was up to somethingas proof, his remarkable appearance on April 14 at the LOS40 Primavera Pop where, in addition to surprising us with his performance covering Atheisthis collaboration with C. Tangana, also did it with his look chosen for the occasion.

We already know how this world works, sometimes winks are thrown that we are not even able to catch on the fly, although this time it was not like that. The Argentinian arrived at the WiZink Center photocall with a t-shirt that reads a clear and powerful message“I don’t have silly hair”. An expression that the artist repeated several times on her networks, but she also admitted to LOS40 that everything she had to do was already done.

But in case we didn’t have enough clues, just a few days ago she wiped the slate clean and let her signature black hair go, giving way to a more platinum blonde tone. And what does that mean? Well, like every step you start in life, it all starts with the hair, although this time with a double meaning…well, we already know how the saying goes about blondes. But beyond that, Nathy Peluso gave the most awaited news for her fans: This Thursday, April 20, new music!

Old, her new song

To warm up the engines, the artist wanted to share a little preview of the lyrics as well as the video clip: “This Thursday 20/04 TONTA, my new song. Shout it out, tattoo it on your heart“, he advanced.

“I stay in my business, I have more expectations than resolutions”, we hear the Argentinian sing. Next to her a teasing in which she is seen at the start in a room painting a wall white, which was previously a grayish tone. After that, a close up of the young woman with her hair brand new and about to step out into the street with a firm step and high heeled boots.

Of course, the wait has been long, since since the end of 2022 we have not heard anything new from Argentina with you are really hotbut now the days are numbered for this new era which seems to show the way.

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