On Sunday, Julia and Renata were in charge of starting Fashion Week, the ‘Manos Libres .02’ collection was the first to be presented. Made of silk, linen, wool and silk chiffon, the iconic organic and natural touch that characterizes the firm was continued.

The series was complemented by footwear from the Baku Artesanal firm and the accessories seen on the catwalk became pieces statement, earrings and necklaces with silver and gold-plated folds in XL sizes.

‘Yuria’ by Francisco Cancino opened on Monday, the designer says that

Yuria, you don’t want to say anything. It is everything: it is love, it is the wind, it is the night, it is the dawn, a country or a disease. Yuria is a cup in which other poems could fit. But it is this, with this battered liquor, the one that offers them.

The collection had a series of warm colors: yellows, oranges, browns, greens, blues, reds, and metallic sparkles. The main inspiration for these silhouettes is the poem by Jaime Sabines, we saw puffed sleeves, waistbands, dresses, skirts with subtle darts so that these garments have volume and fit perfectly to the body. In this presentation we could also see light and rigid fabrics that were combined with leather.

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